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5 Fantastic Tips for Smart Casual Dressing

Posted on: December 19th, 2017

smart casual dressing

It doesn’t matter which gender you are; dressing in a smart casual manner can be downright confusing. What you choose to wear also depends on the occasion and location as well as any other personal preferences you have.

With our Orange County limousine services, you can be assured of a comfortable and safe ride to any location in the county for the duration of your stay. There’s no fixed dressing rule to adhere to when you’re riding with us, and you will always be our number one priority.

Then again, there’s much to be said about smart casual dressing and its benefits. Let’s take a look at some useful tips that are going to make all the difference:



Don’t Wear T-Shirts

 Avoid short sleeves as that will come off as a casual look. The material you choose is also important as you wouldn’t want something that’s too loose or too tight. If your t-shirt has a collar, that will definitely be the cream on the top.


Match with the Right Outerwear

 Things can instantly go south if you choose to wear an overly casual outerwear. A safe bet to go with is a Harrington or bomber jacket for most occasions. Another more formal option is a tweed jacket.


Going the Business Casual Route

This is a little smarter than smart casual, but it’s also a very safe option to go with if you’re ever unsure about the occasion or location. You can always wear a more formal outerwear and finish off with a pair of loafers or boat shoes.


The Right Way to Do It

 A little trick to getting the right combo is to dress in full casual first. After that, choose two to three items to formalize into a smart casual look. With this method, you can easily look your best in the least amount of time.


Groom Yourself

You’re not going to look anywhere near good if you don’t groom yourself. No matter the style of dressing, it’s always a benefit to be clean-shaven as it speaks levels about your attention to personal style and habits.



Remember Your Statement Piece

 Your smart casual outfit doesn’t have to look boring. If anything, it’ll be even easier to have just one item stand out if the rest of your outfit is in a dark or neutral tone. Just remember not to go over the top and spoil your look with a something you’re not entirely sure of.


Consider Carrying a Purse

 This does not have to match your outfit, but it will pull your entire look together. If your outfit tends to be more colorful, you can always invest in a more reserved color for a sleek finish.


Stick with a Dress

 Not all of us are a fan of pantsuits and that’s perfectly alright. With dresses, about the only thing you’ll need to be aware of is the hem and collar line. Do have your hem at a minimum of just above the knees and choose a more modest cut for your neckline.


Invest in a Blazer

 This addition to your wardrobe can oftentimes be a lifesaver. If you think your outfit is too casual, just pop your blazer on for a more professional look. Likewise, if your outfit looks too serious, consider wearing a blazer in a brighter color.


Get the Shoes Right

 Avoid slippers and sandals at all costs as that will instantly cheapen your outfit. Instead, you should opt for heels and closed-toed pumps for that instant boost of class and professionalism.


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