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5 Tips to Reduce Pet Stress on The Go

Posted on: September 26th, 2017

pet stress

Traveling can be a fun experience, especially when you have the right people around you and the proper conditions. However, add your pet into the mix, and things can get complicated really fast if you’re not properly prepared.

Our chauffeurs at Orange County car services are professionally-trained to handle many situations (even an anxious pet), and we’re more than prepared to offer to both of you (you and your pet) the most comfortable ride ever.

As a pet owner though, there are a few things you should keep in mind before starting your journey:


Get Them Used to Sitting in the Car

Road trips (no matter the distance) can be a pretty stressful experience for our pets. Since this could be a completely new experience for them, they’ll have no idea how long the ride would be, and that can get them feeling antsy. Add in the possibility of car sickness, and you end up with a nightmare on your hands. To reduce the stress for both you and your pet, start them off with shorter rides and build on from there. If you end up at a happy location, your pet will most likely associate a car ride with a fun outcome.


Don’t Suddenly Change Their Routine

No matter how spontaneous your pet may seem, making sudden changes to their usual routine is bound to put them on alert mode. In the weeks following your intended trip (whatever transportation you choose to take), don’t divert from the norm if at all possible. Feed them on time, play with them more if possible and even take them for a grooming session to further calm them down before the trip.


Surround Them with Familiar Objects

Our pets are used to certain locations and situations in their lives and they have their own ways of reducing stress. Since you’ll be traveling, this puts them in a tight spot, and that can definitely increase their stress levels. To help them enjoy the journey ahead, remember to bring along a clothing item with your scent as this helps to soothe their nerves. Having their favorite toys or treats is also another way to help them cope with being in a new environment.


Put Their Well-being First

You might be rushed for time and be stressed-out yourself with last-minute details or unforeseen issues, but your pet is not going to understand any of that. Do your best to communicate with them normally and reassure them that nothing bad is going to happen. An anxious pet is definitely going to add on to your own worries as they might be more prone to stomach upsets and could also move around more than they should.


Consider Using Medications

This is one step you should check out with your vet before you leave. Some pets are more prone to motion sickness and might require some medication for the trip. Sedating should generally be avoided unless absolutely necessary. The reason for this is that there is no guarantee that your pet will sleep through the entire trip and they might wake up disoriented and confused, leading them to feel even more stressed out.


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