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5 Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding

Posted on: October 3rd, 2017


Weddings (especially yours) are a reason to celebrate and go all out for. Through the whirlwind of planning for the big day and other responsibilities we shoulder, things can get pretty hectic until the last moment.

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To remain calm while planning your wedding and during your big day, we’ve put together five essential tips to get you through all the madness:

Don’t Hesitate to Delegate

It’ll be much easier for you earlier on if you accept the fact that you’re not a superhero. Wedding planning is definitely a lot more stressful if you decide to handle everything on your own. You can still have a hand in most of the planning and decision-making, but you can and should ask for some assistance from friends and family. Ask a few people whom you trust to follow-up on orders and pick-ups and who know what you would prefer instead of trying to juggle every single thing.

Get Professional Help

Whether you’ve just started imagining the perfect wedding venue or already halfway through your checklist, it’s never too late to engage a wedding planner. Since they obviously know what they’re doing and will always refer back to you on big decisions, you can concentrate on other things in your life without feeling swamped with details. They can also help provide suggestions and ideas that you might not have thought of before, and they’re also well-connected with different vendors, meaning there’s a good chance they can get things done more easily than you.

Select the Right Vendors

When it comes to selecting a vendor for your wedding, you should go with someone whom you can rely on. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you know personally, but you should be able to work well together, and they should have a real interest in making your wedding a success. This way, you’ll be doing less micromanaging (since they’re professionals) and can focus on other things that might require more of your time.

Just Take a Break

This tip seems straightforward, but it’s easy to forget when we’re feeling rushed. Remember to take some time out for yourself to recharge and even do something that has no relation whatsoever to your upcoming wedding. Another useful piece of advice for this is to limit your wedding planning to certain times of the week and stick to it. This way, you’ll be more focused during the planning period and relaxed and focused on other things when you’re not planning your wedding.

Keep Things Organized

This is one of the most important tips to follow as it can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on planning your wedding, thus reducing the amount of stress you feel as the actual date draws near. Remember to use checklists, reminders, budget tools and other available applications to help organize activities and items. If you have an application that makes sharing your calendar and to-do-lists, you’ll get to save more of your precious time and easily stay connected and up-to-date with those involved in the planning.


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