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How to Dress for a Comfortable Flight

Posted on: October 10th, 2017


Going on a plane ride can be exciting or boring, depending on the nature of the trip and the length of time you spend on board. Either way thought you’ll want to be comfy for the duration of your flight. Here are some essential tips for the most relaxing and comfortable flight ever by sticking to a few basic items:

Clothes with Breathable Fabric

If you’re in for a long flight, you’ll want to be wearing something comfortable, meaning items with breathable fabric or moisture-wicking, man-made fabrics. Since we sweat all the time, you wouldn’t want to be stuck in your seat for long hours on patches of your own sweat. Some of the best fabrics to consider for your outfit is cotton, silk, and linen as they provide good airflow and dry fast.

Wear a Few Layers

Layering is one of the most important things to remember before going on your next flight. Unless you’re pretty sure you’re wearing the exact things that are going to keep you feeling comfy while flying, you should consider wearing at least one or two extra layers that could easily be put on and taken off. External items like a scarf, shawl, vest, and jacket are always useful. You can even roll up your jacket into a makeshift pillow for extra comfort.

Compression Legwear

Suppression or compression legwear is a necessity for people with an underlying medical condition. They are especially essential if you are taking a long-haul flight or if you are a frequent flyer. Wearing them helps to promote good blood circulation which in turn helps to prevent the swelling of the legs or a more serious issue of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

A Good Pair of Shoes

Unless you’re wearing the most comfortable shoes, you’ll most likely want to take them off at some time during your flight. The two best type of shoes to consider are usually athletic wear or shoes that are easy to slip on and off. Try to avoid wearing heels of any sort as they can be uncomfortable if worn for long periods. You wouldn’t want to end up with a foot or leg cramp midway through the flight.

Remember Your Pockets

Pockets will be your best friend. Not only does a pocket double as a carry-on bag, but it also gives you the chance to quickly access items. When purchasing a travel jacket or any outerwear, make sure to check that there are ample pockets and that they are reasonably sized to keep your things safe. If your hands are feeling cold on the flight, you can also stuff them in the pockets to keep them warm.

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