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The Guide to a Memorable Honeymoon Trip

Posted on: September 19th, 2017


The planning of your honeymoon will definitely be both parts of pleasure and process. You’re looking forward to having the best time of your life with your better half and creating memories that’ll last a lifetime.

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Whether you’re looking to spend your time from one adrenaline rush to another or just bask in the sun, here’s our essential guide to making the most of your honeymoon trip:


Do Something You Both Like

 You’ll obviously want your honeymoon to be filled with positive memories. Before deciding on your honeymoon location(s), make sure you’re familiar with each other’s likes and dislikes for a holiday. Since it’ll be about both of you starting a new life together, it makes sense to plan a trip that both of you can enjoy. You don’t have to bend over backward to please your partner, but you should definitely keep in mind their preferences and do your best to accommodate whenever you can.


Go On a Splurge

You might be on a tighter budget, but it’s always good to designate at least one day of your honeymoon to splurging on yourselves. Check into a better hotel suite and order room service. Get a table at a fancy restaurant and dress to the nines just because you can. The point is not about the money spent, but the amount of time you’ll spend pampering each other and experiencing life to the fullest.


Decide On a Budget

 If there’s one thing that’ll disrupt the peace, it’ll most likely be an argument about money. It might seem fun to just “wing it” when it comes to how much you intend to spend on your trip, but even a small disagreement can turn into a full-scale fight if things turn sour. Always set your budget for the trip together and hammer out those annoying money details beforehand. This way, you can both go on your honeymoon with the peace of mind you deserve and just focus on loving one another.


Leave Room to Breathe

 If you’re too tired to think straight, you’re not going to have a very memorable trip with your better half. Well, at least not in a positive way. Leave enough room in your scheduling and itinerary to just spend time enjoying each other’s company. You can spend other holidays packing in all the activities and sights, but for this first sweet trip together, you should definitely be the center of each other’s world.


Spend Some Time Apart

 This might seem counterintuitive to everything you expect of a honeymoon but you’ll be surprised at just how true it is that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. You should each pick an activity that you like (especially one that your partner’s not into) and agree to meet up later at the end of the day or for dinner. This way, you’ll not only get to enjoy doing things you prefer, you’ll also appreciate your meet up even more in the end.


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