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Want to Know How to Get a Comfortable Hotel Room? Read On.

Posted on: November 7th, 2017

comfortable hotel

There are many ways to make our surroundings comfortable, even the hotel room. When it comes to transportation though, you can’t go wrong with our Orange County limousine service. With punctuality and safety as the number one priority, you can be assured of a luxurious and comfortable ride to any destination in the county.

As for hotel rooms though, you’ll have to use a different method to achieve a pleasant hotel experience:


Make it Feel Like Home

It’s really the little things that make all the difference. When it comes to an unfamiliar place or room, you’ll only need a few things to make it your own. From familiar scents to your favorite accessory and comfort items, you can usually bring something along with you. For some of us, it’s going to be our pets, but you’ll have to check with the hotel to see if it’s possible to have them in the room.


Get Your Toiletries

Depending on the hotel you’re staying at, you might and might not be provided with all the essential toiletries you need. Even so, though, we all have our own preference when it comes to cleaning up or sprucing up in the bathroom. If it makes your stay any more comfortable, you can always bring along your own brand of toiletries. It might take a little more work to get them in travel-friendly sizes, but it’ll definitely be worth it.


The Pillows Matter

If you’ve ever slept on the wrong kind of pillow before, you’ll understand just how much it can disrupt your sleep or cause shoulder and neck stiffness. We all have our own sweet spot when it comes to choosing the right type of pillow to lay our heads on, but the hotel doesn’t know that. Instead of settling for something you’re uncomfortable with, just put in a request to housekeeping for another pillow option. State your preference (and even tell them why to make things easier) and more often than not they’ll be able to accommodate your requests.


Choose Your Room Before Checking In

Some hotel reservations allow for online check-in. If that’s the case, you also have a good chance to get yourself a nicer room. This is especially important if you’re a light sleeper or get easily annoyed with late night revelers making their way back to their rooms. Higher floors are a good choice as there’s less chance for frequent traffic. You’ll also want to avoid rooms near the elevator shaft and anywhere near an ice machine.


Tip, Tip, and Tip Some More

Most hotels are willing to accommodate your requests if it’s a special occasion like an anniversary or marriage proposal, but if you’re talking about any other day, money is one sure way to open the doors to upgrades and other perks. Remember to tip the staff you come in contact with and don’t be stingy. With just a $20 bill to the front desk, you’ll be amazed at the change in service and rooms.


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