Safety & Security

Your safety is important to us

In an effort to provide you with safer service, we have installed Drivecam in all of our vehicles. Drivecam is the latest technology in monitoring driver performance and recording driving events.

Drivecam is a digital video recording device that continually monitors a 180-degree view out the front windshield. Although Drivecam is constantly on the lookout, it only records when an event takes place. An event is initiated when the threshold level of G forces on the vehicle has been exceeded. Events can be caused by rapid acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering, or collision.

An event triggers Drivecam to record a 20-second audio/video clip of the view through the front windshield. The 20-second clip begins 10 seconds before the event and continues 10 seconds after the event. The event is then stored in a memory database. When the vehicle returns to the garage for daily maintenance, the clip is downloaded into our company network to be reviewed by the driver and fleet supervisor.

Drivecam only records events from the front windshield. At no time are passengers recorded or their privacy compromised.

We believe that Drivecam will improve our already excellent safety record and help to ensure your safety and comfort while traveling with us.

If you would like more information about Drivecam, please feel free to contact us at (800) 289-5466.

Limousine Los Angeles

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Background Checks

Car Service LA

Our team of carefully selected chauffeurs is experienced and has been trained and is continuously trained by us to ensure that you get a comfortable, safe, convenient and expeditious ride. Each of our chauffeurs is a true professional who has undergone a full 7 years’ background and sex offender check, they are also tested for drugs and alcohol at pre-employment, and randomly throughout the year.

You can put your trust in our chauffeurs. All are professional, full-time drivers trained, tested and licensed beyond industry standards with vast driving experience. Our chauffeurs are well groomed, professionally attired, polite, and safety conscious. They know they are responsible for the physical safety of their passengers and take this role very seriously.

Teletrac / GPS

Concierge Limousine, Inc. employs a tracking solution from Teletrac utilizing high speed wireless technology and satellite based Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to obtain vehicle location and speed information.

We have the ability to know where our vehicles are at all times, while keeping a record of vehicle location.

There is never any question where our vehicles are at any moment.

We've teamed up with the latest technology because we strongly believe that the safety our passengers must achieve the highest standards. The system we are using also assists our drivers at all times.

Empowering fleet operators with GPS fleet tracking software allows our chauffeurs to effectively complete jobs because the system takes out all the guess work and provides them with fuel efficient routes. Chauffeurs receive turn-by-turn navigation with the option for real-time traffic updates and alternate route planning, allowing them to save time and make the most of their passenger's journey.

The GPS tracking software not only helps us to locate our fleet at any time but also raises the safety bar for all of our services.


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